2019 Travel Plans – where I am going & where I would like to go

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2019 has only just started, and already my plans for the year are beginning to come together. I am going to try to be more spontaneous and not book too far in advance this year so that I can take advantage of any last minute opportunities that come along.

Although I really enjoy housesitting, I do find it can sometimes restrict me, so I have decided not to take on any housesitting assignments unless they are an absolute peach!

I will update this as my trips come up, but here is how it is looking today:

January: Doncaster & Bali

After several postponements, I will be finally sitting my CAA Drone Licence with Hummingbird UAV in Doncaster. My Operations Manual is complete and so as soon as my flight test is approved, I can submit my application to the CAA for my licence.

Another postponement was my trip to Bali. I am hoping to go on a yoga retreat in Ubud, before travelling north to Lovina to see friends and enjoy the peace and tranquillity. I have been practising my Indonesian and hope to immerse myself and start actually using it.

Bali Beach

February: Hamburg, Germany

I will still be in Bali until mid-February but at the end of February, I will be travelling to Hamburg for the first KeyFrame event by run by Traverse.  KeyFrame is a four-day interactive and creative video conference where I will be learning and improving my videoing skills.

April: Bologna & Imola, Italy

I am travelling to Bologna and Imola at the end of April for a weekend with The Grand Prix Drivers’ Club and to attend the Historic Minardi Day at Imola Circuit. I have a few days before the event and not sure if I will explore Bologna or Imola yet.

Piazza Maggiore, Bologna

June: Trentino, Italy

Back to Italy in June for this year’s Traverse 19 conference is in Trentino in the Italian Alps. Traverse is a for digital influencers, creators, bloggers and vloggers to meet up to learn, experience, create, network and grow our businesses. Last year was my first event and I really enjoyed it, so much so I am going back for more.

October: Alloway, Scotland

A family wedding takes me north of the border to Ayr in the west coast of Scotland, a place I don’t know very well, so I am looking forward to exploring.

So where else would I like to go in 2019?

Alan and I at the British Grand Prix in 2015
Alan and I at the British Grand Prix in 2015
  • China to walk the Great Wall
  • Pakistan to visit Chitral, Swat and Lahore
  • India for the Holi Festival in March
  • Brazil to explore some more
  • A Grand Prix abroad, I haven’t decided which Grand Prix I would like to go to, but I will tie it in with other travels
  • Africa, maybe Uganda, Namibia or Tanzania to go on safari
  • The Isle of Man to visit our family house as I didn’t manage to get there in 2018

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The Silver Nomad's Plans for 2019
The Silver Nomad's Plans for 2019
The Silver Nomad's Plans for 2019

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