Java | The Silver Nomad

Climbing Ijen Volcano in Java to watch the sunrise

“Leave at midnight and only a 3km walk to the summit of Ijen Volcano to see the sunrise”, that didn’t sound too bad. I must admit that I am not the fittest of people, but for some reason, my mind didn’t compute that the walk would be a torchlight winding hike up a dirt track……..

Diamonds in the Sky by Stephen James O'Meara

Diamonds in the Sky – April 2018 – Non Fiction Book of the Month

I did have another book lined up for April, but when I heard that Steve had just published his Diamonds in the Sky Kindle book about stargazing in Botswana, it seemed like the perfect book of the month. We are going on safari and will have 6 nights of skies free of light pollution, so……..

Motsana | The Silver Nomad

Maun Farmers Market at Motsana

After visiting Kelso Farmers Market in Scotland in February, this month I am in Maun in Botswana housesitting and popped along to the local monthly Farmers Market which is held on the last Sunday of every month at Motsana from 9.00am until around 12pm. With a heavy sky above and rain threatening, it was good……..