Change Your Domain Name & Move Your WordPress Site

Sometimes you realise that the domain name you are using just doesn’t fit anymore. Maybe you have changed direction in your life or you feel that you have outgrown your name. In May 2018, I decided to change my domain name from The Barefoot Travellers to The Silver Nomad as it fitted more with me……..

Danielle and Me with our bread baking

Baking Bread with Danielle Ellis from Severn Bites

I have made bread before….. okay I have used a packet mix and it was passable, but it did not inspire me to make more. Danielle Ellis from Severn Bites challenged me to learn how to make bread from scratch and as she is a professionally trained bread baker, who better to teach me? Armed……..


Zimbabwe – 5 things I wish I had known before I went

I have to admit that I only went to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe for 2 days, after our Botswanan safari, but I quickly realised the amount of misinformation and general confusion that is bandied about. So I would like to try to put some of it straight. 1 – Money – Cash is KING Let’s……..

Chocolate in Belgium

75 days without Chocolate, how will I survive?

Like most people, I am rather partial to a bit of chocolate. I am not a chocolate snob, I will eat most brands, though my particular favourites are Galaxy, Dairy Milk Twirls or Fruit and Nut, After Eights, Nestle Peanut Butterfingers Mini Cups, Ferrero Rocher, the occasional square of Lindt Excellence 90% Cocoa Dark Chocolate………….