Women Who Drone Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

The number of licenced drone pilots is on the increase, which is great news. However the number of qualified women drone pilots in the UK is low, but to find out that worldwide there are less than 3% was a big shock to me. The US-based Women Who Drone (WWD) has recently launched a crowdfunding……..

The Bloggers Retreat

Bloggers’ Retreat with The Travel Hack and the Twins That Travel

As I drove down to Somerset earlier this year, I mentally went through the list of bloggers that I would be joining on the first-ever Bloggers’ Retreat. Bloggers I followed, I looked up to and wanted to emulate would be there, learning with me. And here was me, in my first six months of blogging,……..

Face to face with elephants on our way to Rra Dinare

All the Fives – Africa’s Big, Ugly, Little, Shy and downright Impossible Animals

Most people have heard of The Big Five when it comes to the animal kingdom, but have you heard of the other Fives, the Ugly, the Little, the Shy and the Impossible Fives? With time, patience and a dollop of luck you can get to see many of them on a trip to Africa, we……..