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Amazing Vegan Restaurants in Europe

With the rising trend of people giving up eating all animal products, the number of vegan restaurants in Europe and around the world has grown. Plant-based menus have become more interesting, and colourful - no more plates of boring brown sludge. Vegan pizza, sushi, burgers, vegan junk food are all available now. But how do you know where they are? I asked some of my blogging friends for their recommendations...

Places to Stay in Barbuda 2020

Before I visited, I tried to check out places to stay in Barbuda and was frustrated that accommodation listing sites always put Antigua and Barbuda together. It was difficult to find information on accommodation for just Barbuda so after my visit in November, I would like to recommend the following places. Why visit Barbuda? Surrounded by the beautiful turquoise waters of both the Carribean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and...

6 Great Day Trips from Hamburg

I love visiting Hamburg. There is so much to do, see and visit to fill your time. If, however, you have an extra day or two, why not try going a bit further afield and go on one of the following day trips from Hamburg. Accessible by car or train, you could visit the coast, stroll around the capital and see the Berlin wall or visit one of the many...

Countries that have Banned Drones in 2020

Not all countries are created equal, and certainly, at the moment (February 2020) not all drone laws are the same in every country. Some countries have restrictions, or permits are required and insurance and operator ids. Other countries have banned drones completely and will confiscate them at the entry point. The last thing you want to do when you go on holiday is to have your drone confiscated before you...

Travel Tuesday with Gemma & Craig from Two Scots Abroad

If you want to know anything about SEO, Gemma is your girl. But SEO is not her only strong point, along with husband Craig, she runs the travel blog, Two Scots Abroad. The blog features travel guides, packing lists and quite a lot of tartan! So over to Gemma & Craig to answer my Travel Questions:  Q1 - When did you become travellers? Our travel site, Two Scots Abroad, was...





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