Come fly with me!

Learning to fly a drone has been one of the most scary, liberating and awesome things I have done in the last few years.

house sitter and amateur explorer. I balance my home and work life with my passion for travelling to new places, revisiting old haunts, seeking out interesting adventures, experiences and being an all-around Silver Nomad.

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I am not one of the usual lean and lithe travel bloggers whose honey-coloured limbs are seen in endless bikinis or skimpy dresses, but I am a real woman with cellulite, the occasional hot sweat, weight fluctuation and encroaching silver hairs.

While my contemporaries are making plans for their retirement, I am making plans for my next adventure, next place to visit, language to learn or cuisine to try.

My aim is to inspire people to explore the world, discover the less well-known places and to experience a travel on a deeper more meaningful level

The Silver Nomad

My Droning Style

My travelling style is mixed. I take a lot of solo trips, either here in the UK or abroad. I also travel with my partner, my son and in groups of other bloggers.

While solo travel can seem to be a bit lonely, I find it pushes me out of my comfort zone and makes me mingle more and meet new people and seek out new places.

You will find me wandering around a museum or art gallery, stravaiging* round the streets or trying out the local food and living like a local.


My Drone highlights

I have been fortunate enough to fly over places. Some of my drone highlights so far are:

  • My first flight in Guanaja – short, but sweet
  • Passing my PFCO qualification in 2019
  • Flying in Bali
  • Flyin Barbuda
  • Flying in Isle of Man
  • Flying over crop circles
  • Videoing my brother on his mountain bike
  • Burleigh Court
  • Wine in Wales
  • Portugal beach
  • flying in Scotland


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