CAA Update to PfCO Application

The changes in drone rules keep on coming. One thing that caught a lot of people out when applying for their PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) from the CAA was matching the name on their Ops Manual to their Insurance Certificates. The CAA confirmed on 26 June 2019, that their online application forms have been updated and that is it no longer a requirement for applicants for a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) to include proof of insurance.

This means a change to the Ops Manuals (Operating Safety Case or OSC to give the official title). The update to Cap722 will mean the wording on page 131 section 3.16 of the Ops Manual template “must include a copy of insurance document” will change to “may include a copy of insurance document. There was always an issue that you had to have the same name on your insurance as on your Ops Manual which led to many being rejected, but now the CAA is ok if you don’t include it.

Now don’t think just because you don’t need to include it in your Ops Manual that you can get away with not having commercial drone insurance at all. You will still have to have insurance in place when you apply in line with the Civil Aviation (Insurance) Regulations 2005 and EC Regulation 785/2004 and for any commercial operations, you undertake.

Hopefully, this will make the process of PfCO application and renewals smoother and reduce the number of applications put on hold or rejected because the insurance documents and the Ops Manual don’t match!

Drone law is evolving and I look forward to seeing what is introduced next.

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