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Hi, I’m Larch, the Silver Nomad! I am an over-50 avid traveller, content creator, qualified drone pilot, house sitter and amateur explorer. I balance my home and work life with my passion for travelling to new places, revisiting old haunts, seeking out interesting adventures, experiences and try to avoid traditional package holidays and being an all-around Silver Nomad!

I am not one of the usual lean and lithe travel bloggers whose honey-coloured limbs are seen in endless bikinis or skimpy dresses, but I am a real woman with cellulite, the occasional hot sweat, weight fluctuation and encroaching silver hairs.

I had a stupid accident in 1998 which completely changed my life and left me with a partial disability – read the story of my happy accident here – this affects what I can and can’t do when I travel, but I do try to push myself as much as I can.

Now, an empty nester and with a portable business or three, I travel as much as I can, from short breaks in the UK and Europe to longer stays further afield. I have been fortunate enough to take many holidays over the years, but now I have the opportunity to spend more time discovering new places and spending more time so that I can get to know a place better and live there instead of just skimming the surface as a tourist.

I am a CAA PfCO qualified Drone Pilot, and I constantly update my flying skills as well as my tech skills. I am also a bit of a techie and tend to get stuck in with any new piece of kit that is out.

A Scot by birth, I have lived in London, Portugal, Hampshire and currently based on the outskirts of Swindon in Wiltshire. There are also links with the Isle of Man and by my heritage to Scandinavia.

In 1982, I gave up eating meat – I don’t like the taste and as a student back then it was expensive! I occasionally eat seafood, so a part-time pescatarian. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to learn about the food of a place I am visiting, maybe do a cooking class or just enjoy sampling different dishes.

I am trying to perfect the art of travelling hand luggage only, but even then I pack things that I don’t need, tops, trousers, make-up and all that “just-in-case” crap that I burden my backpack or hand luggage with!

Join me as I share my travel experiences, dreams, tips, the highs and lows of being menopausal and the challenges of being older, but not necessarily wiser!

Larch and Alan with arms full of candy floss in Singaraja, Bali | The Silver Nomad
Larch and Alan with arms full of candy floss in Singaraja, Bali

4 thoughts on “Getting to know Larch – The Silver Nomad

  1. Excellent website, lots of interesting information.
    Can you advise if one is free to fly a drone over the Wiltshire White Horses? No commercial interest in this, just some images for my photo club.
    Rod Stowell

    1. Hi Rod, glad you like the site. I did all my due diligence and followed the drone code, though there were a couple I couldn’t fly at due to restrictions or too many people. Fly safe!

  2. hiii this is ur friend from Delhi, India
    #Great time with u both guys

    1. Hi Richie, it was great to meet you in Delhi!

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