Travel Tuesday with Steve from Biggsy Travel

Steve wearing a yellow t-shirt which says "Je suis le maillot jaune" (translation: I am the yellow jersey) standing with his back against a wall with black and white diagonal stripes next to a bicycle in Rotterdam

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to my weekly series of questions to other travel bloggers. This week my travel blogger questions are to Steve from Biggsy Travel. Steve combines his full-time job with his travel but always returning to his beloved Hertfordshire.

Steve from Biggsy Travel standing in front of the Bucharest Palace of the Parliament wearing a dark jacket with the hood up and his hands in his pockets. It is night and it is raining
Steve in front of the Bucharest Place of the Parliament

So over to Steve from Biggsy Travel to answer my Travel Questions:

Q1 – When did you become a traveller?

I was a child of the ’80s so grew up thinking the only foreign trips available were Cosmos package holidays to Spain on Monarch airplanes! It was only when I went backpacking in 2009 that I first became a “traveller”. However, since then I still feel more like a “tourist”, albeit hopefully a much more responsible one.

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Q2 – What kind of traveller are you? Full-time? Part-time? Anytime?

Like most people, I have your standard 9-5, Monday to Friday full-time day job. But that still leaves 25 days holiday, 9 Bank Holidays & 102 days of weekends. More than enough to go off exploring! In fact, my best trips recently have been staycations and day trips much closer to home!

Q3 – Which country do you originally come from and where do you call home?

I was born in Hertfordshire (UK), grew up in Hertfordshire, worked in Hertfordshire for 10 years and still live in Hertfordshire … so home is definitely Hertfordshire! Handily London is just 30 minutes away on the train + Stansted and Luton airports are both within easy reach too.

Q4 – Is there anything you miss from home when you are travelling?

I do like my creature comforts and couldn’t be a digital nomad. I love my “stuff” too much but thanks to Marie Kondo I’m trying to declutter! Most of all I’d miss the 10 minute walk into my town’s pretty market square for coffee with friends.

Q5 – What do you love most about travelling?

Without meaning to use quotes … I’m going to use some quotes:
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Augustine of Hippo.
“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

Travel can be educating, rewarding, relaxing, inspiring and certainly humbling. A lot of the world’s population don’t have the means or opportunities to travel so being humble always sticks with me.

Steve wearing a yellow t-shirt which says "Je suis le maillot jaune" (translation: I am the yellow jersey) standing with his back against a wall with black and white diagonal stripes next to a bicycle in Rotterdam
Steve In Rotterdam

Q6 – And what is your pet hate?

People who appear to have never gone through airport security before. They have multiple items above 100ml in size, are adorned with metal & don’t know what needs to go into the plastic trays!

Q7 – Tell us about your favourite trip or place to visit.

I love being in the crisp, fresh mountain air so anywhere in the Swiss Alps ticks my box. My 11 day round trip trek to Everest Base Camp trip took that a step further still.

Q8 – How do you prepare for a trip, are you a last-minute packer or days in advance?

I get palpitations if I haven’t started packing at least 2 days before I leave. To ease the pain I now have 2-3 checklists for different types of trips. I find the smaller stuff like washbag items and plug adaptors the most annoying things to forget.

Q9 – What 5 things do you always take on your travels?

A small day rucksack, my mobile phone (its photos get close to the quality of my bulker DSLR!), a phone battery pack, my Halifax Clarity credit card (to avoid those cheeky foreign exchange charges) and a reusable water bottle.

Q10 – If money was no object, where would you live?

I love my little home town of Hitchin too much to consider leaving … but West Village in NYC would come pretty close.

Q11 – Tell us more about your blog/YouTube channel?

I blog about ‘unique travel experiences. Things that nobody has written about before, or better still never experienced before. From winning a private jet to running the New York marathon with a supermodel! Not everything can be a “one-off” though so you’ll find more repeatable ones too. I always try to give enough useful hints & tips so people can decide if they want to try it for themselves.

Steve with his medal after the New York City Marathon
Steve with his medal after the New York City Marathon

Q12 – What three blogs inspire you?

Wanderlust Chloe – A lovely balance of staycation trips in the UK and far-flung trips to foreign climates. Her articles always make me want to visit the destinations.

Roaming Required – I love their continued enthusiasm to do as much as possible with their weekends and annual leave.

Paul Dow from Travmonkey – Paul is a far and refreshing cry from the current and fake “hey look at me” Instagram crowd. I love his unassuming manner and that he’s now moving into video blogging too.

Q13 – And your go-to travel resource?

Google, and for really recent news then Twitter.

Q14 – What advice would you give first-time bloggers?

Ask yourself why you want to start doing it? If it’s to make your millions then be aware ‘travel blogging’ is now a VERY saturated market. If it’s to be creative, produce great new content and for the sheer love of it then carry on … as you were! 🙂

Steve at the Fiat 500's first pit stop
Steve at the Fiat 500’s first pit stop

Q15 – Where are you off to next?

York for the Christmas markets … and then off to Stockholm for theirs.

Quick lowdown of Steve’s favourite:

Favourite Airport?
JFK New York – as it means I’m fortunate enough to be visiting again.

Favourite Mode of Transportation? 
Bicycle – one of the most efficient forms of transport known to man. And as Einstein once said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Window seat or aisle?
Always the aisle. I like being able to get up whenever I want to. Better still when the middle and window seat people stay asleep all flight.

Favourite City?
New York City. I didn’t visit until I was 33 but have been 7-8 times since. This has been for a combination of personal, work, marathon & charity conference trips.

Favourite Country?
Italy – it has a wonderful blend of climate, people, culture and food. It’s also fairly accessible from here in the UK.

Backpack or Case?
Generally a case with wheels! When I was backpacking around Asia/Oz/NZ in 2009/10 I had a backpack with wheels and simply wheeled it around 90% of the time!

Travel Book?
I love all things “Everest” which lead to me trekking to Base Camp back in 2012. So for that reason I’d choose ‘ Into Thin Air‘ by Jon Krakauer as that’s what first inspired me to visit.

“Take the opportunity of a lifetime during the lifetime of the opportunity”

Thank you, Steve, xxx!

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Travel Tuesday with Biggsy Travel. Steve answers questions on his travel style, tips and favourite destinations to travel to.