Travel Tuesday with Roma from Roaming Required

Roma in black jacket and trousers holding her arms out with a background of ice and the pink of the sky reflecting on the water
Roma from Roaming Required with a furry hood photographed just before kissing the Blarney stone in Ireland with the stone castle walls in the background
Roma about to kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle

Continuing my weekly series of questions to other travel bloggers. Let me introduce you to Roma from Roaming Required. Roma has recently taken the leap from full-time employment into being a full-time travel blogger.

So over to Roma from Roaming Required to answer my Travel Questions:

Q1 – When did you become a traveller?

TBH, I think I’ve always been a traveller.  My dad travelled a lot for work when I was young and It quickly became a part of life!

Q2 – What kind of traveller are you? Full-time? Part-time? Anytime?

I’m a weekend warrior, a part time traveller. Until recently I worked a full time office job In a very traditional environment, 9 to 5 sort of thing.  My husband, Russell, still does that so we still travel the same way we always have. Light luggage, fast trips with jam packed Itineraries.

Q3 – Which country do you originally come from and where do you call home?

I’m a sun-loving, beach-going Australian. I currently live In London, a long way from sandy beaches!


Q4 – Is there anything you miss from home when you are travelling?

My pillow. I really love my bed and the comforts of your own home. 

Roma in purple dress holding a glass of wine on the top deck of the Bustronome fine dining/bus tour around London
Roma on the Bustronome fine dining bus/tour around London

Q5 – What do you love most about travelling?

The Food! I never considered myself a foodie, but I’m definitely an eatie! I discovered really Interesting flavours and textures from our globetrotting adventures and It just spurs me on to travel even more!

Q6 – And what is your pet hate?

Misbehaving children and slow walkers!

Q7 – Tell us about your favourite trip or place to visit.

Ooo tough question! I think It has to be Chernobyl In Ukraine! I Insisted that we venture off to the for my birthday and It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, I learnt so much that trip and It’s stayed with me for a long time after.

Roma in a black dress holding a red umbrella reclining on an orange sofa with her husband Russell behind the sofa holding a blue umbrella on the set at FriendsFest in London
I was over the moon excited when FriendsFest came to London!

Q8 – How do you prepare for a trip, are you a last-minute packer or days in advance?

Omg, you saying last minute gives me anxiety! I’m a strict from-a-list packer.

I have numerous lists (by season and activity) and then pack from It. If I don’t pack from It, I leave all sorts of random things behind!

Q9 – What 5 things do you always take on your travels?

Battery pack, noise cancelling headphones (+ a spare), an array of medicines like anti-inflammatories and car sick pills, sunglasses (even In winter!) and a pen (there’s a story about that!)

Q10 – If money was no object, where would you live?

I’d live everywhere! I would follow the seasons and flavours on a whim and enjoy the best of the world all year round!

Q11 – Tell us more about your blog/YouTube channel?

Russell and I started our blog to tell our loved ones back home of our adventures.  Six years later, Roaming Required has become a repository of story telling, adventure regaling, travel tips and advice.

We have always written for people like us.  – Those working professionals with not much time, but a love of the unknown. We’re not extraordinary people, we’re just like you, your neighbour and your BFF. We work hard and use the little spare cash we have to travel the world. Life Is worth living right?

Roma in black jacket and trousers holding her arms out with a background of ice and the pink of the sky reflecting on the water
Roma at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland for the birthday

Q12 – What three blogs inspire you?

Yours! 🙂

I’ve recently become quite fond of YouTube. I can say I’ve never really been a subscriber of YT, but now I like The Endless Adventure – a delightfully entertaining couple who Inspire me to make more video content.

Slashed Beauty for her legit cheap high-street beauty tips!

Shu of DejaShu, she Is always making seriously hungry!

Q13 – And your go-to travel resource?

Pinterest and the blogging community.

Q14 – What advice would you give first-time bloggers?

Be consistent and plan your content.

Q15 – Where are you off to next?

I’m off to Emilia Romagna In Italy then we’re off to Belize!

Quick lowdown of Roma’s favourite:

Favourite Airport?

LCY! (London City Airport)

It’s tiny, and it’s full of business travellers who pack light, know how to queue and don’t faff about!

Favourite Mode of Transportation? 


Window seat or aisle?

Aisle, always aisle!

Favourite City?

London – the opportunities are endless!

Sydney – because It’s home, and the food scene Is fantastic!

Favourite Country?

Italy! – Every time I’m there It’s a fantastic experience.

Backpack or Case?

Both! I use a wheelie case and use a backpack as a day bag!

Travel Book? 

I love the simplicity of Lonely Planet, & the pictures of DK.


 “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you travelled.”

Thanks, Roma  for answering my questions!!

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