Travel Tuesday with Roobens from Been Around the Globe

Roobens in Paris
Roobens at the Taj Mahal
Roobens at the Taj Mahal

Roobens from Been Around the Globe is my Travel Tuesday blogger this week. Based in Paris, Roobens’ blog is in both English and French. As well as covering travel, he also blogs about what it is like to travel the world as a black person.

So over to Roobens from Been Around the Globe to answer my Travel Questions:

 Q1 – When did you become a traveller?

I’ve always loved to travel. As far back as I can remember, travel has always been part of my life. As a kid, I was watching maps, learning by heart the numerous capitals of the world. I was 8 when I went abroad for the first time. I went to New York City with my dad, since we have family living there!

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Q2 – What kind of traveller are you? Full-time? Part-time? Anytime?

I used to be a full-time traveller for a year, but I’m now part-time. Technically, I could be a digital nomad since I don’t have a 9 to 5 job and I work online. But I like staying in my hometown and being close to my friends and family. I travel whenever I feel like travelling.

Q3 – Which country do you originally come from and where do you call home?

I was born and raised in Paris, France! I travelled a lot, but I still live there! I guess I can call Paris home!

Roobens, a black travel blogger, wearing a white shirt and blue lanyard standing on a balcony with his arms crossed. he is smiling and has the Parisian rooftops in the background and the base of the Eiffel Tower

Q4 – Is there anything you miss from home when you are travelling?

Honestly, not really! I miss my friends and family when I’m travelling. Sometimes I also miss the food. But that’s it!

Q5 – What do you love most about travelling?

Meeting people when I’m travelling is probably what I love the most! Either fellow travellers or locals, It’s so enriching! You realize we may have cultural differences, but at the end of the day, we’re actually all the same! Learning about other people’s lives open your mind, and It’s priceless. I also enjoy the freedom you have on the road, being able to do whatever you feel like doing.

Q6 – And what is your pet hate?

Going through customs and Immigration at the airport. I’m black and I’m not whining but quite often, customs officers decide to “randomly” pick me to ask a few questions. “Where are you from? Are you really French? How long are you staying here? Why are you coming here? Show me your hotel reservation! What about your onward ticket? We’re gonna search your bag! Blablabla…” Happens all the time!

Q7 – Tell us about your favourite trip or place to visit.

That’s a hard one! But I had a great time in Iran! I spent three weeks there, and I was fortunate enough to stay with locals, and not at the hotel! They showed me around, I learned about the culture, ate delicious food… I was basically living like a local! Moreover, the people there are so friendly and welcoming! I’ll go back one day!

Roobens on his mount in Song Kul, Kyrgyzstan
Roobens on his mount in Song Kul, Kyrgyzstan

Q8 – How do you prepare for a trip, are you a last-minute packer or days in advance?

Last-minute packer!!! I don’t like planning way ahead of time! I usually pack the day before! I already know In my head what I need, so packing doesn’t take much time. However, I may use a small checklist for long trips (3+ months).

Q9 – What 5 things do you always take on your travels?

My laptop! Need It to work when I’m travelling! Otherwise, I always take my smartphone, my camera equipment, my sunglasses and hand cream. Not easy to find a good hand cream In some countries!

Q10 – If money was no object, where would you live?

Honestly, I’d probably stay In Paris. Actually, I’d stay In Paris in the summertime, and go somewhere warm in the wintertime. Like Chiang Mai In Thailand or somewhere along the beach In Southeast Asia.

Q11 – Tell us more about your blog/YouTube channel?

My blog Is called Been Around The Globe. It’s a bilingual blog, I write In English and French. My blog focuses on solo travel as a black person, what it’s like to travel as a black person in some countries. I want to show the world that black people can travel. I’m also writing about some Issues that black people can face on the road.

Roobens from Been Around the Globe, a black travel blogger in traditional Korean costume of red coat with gcol dragon symbol on front and sleeves, white collar and black and gold hat, giving the thumbs up in front of a pavilion surrounded by water
Roobens in traditional costume in Palais de Gyeongbokgung Hanbok Seoul

Q12 – What three blogs inspire you?

Oneika The Traveller! I love her blog, and she’s lovely! She’s probably one of the first black people who “made It” In the travel blogging landscape, and reading her Is always refreshing! Nomadic Matt Is also a great inspiration. He basically built an empire off a travel blog, and I have to respect that! I also enjoy reading Adventurous Kate. I like her writing style.

Q13 – And your go-to travel resource?

I don’t have a single resource. Most of the time, I look for blog articles on Google.

Q14 – What advice would you give first-time bloggers?

Don’t give up after a few weeks’ blogging. Most of the successful bloggers you’re following have been doing it for years and were also struggling when they first started. Learn about SEO and Pinterest to gain traffic quickly. Join blogging Facebook groups. You won’t feel lonely, and people are very supportive there! Last but not least, attend travel blogging conferences to meet fellow travel bloggers and make new friends!

Q15 – Where are you off to next?

 I’m going to Belgrade, Serbia! Been there already but I have a few friends living there!

Quick lowdown of Roobens’ favourite:

Favourite Airport? Singapore! So modern!

Favourite Mode of Transportation? For some reason, I love the bus. You can watch the landscape outside, and people are less stressed than In a plane. I also enjoy train rides, and cycling too!

Window seat or aisle? Aisle! I can stretch my legs, and I can get up whenever I want to!

Favourite City? Oh gosh, another hard one! Probably New York City, the city that never sleeps!

Favourite Country? Probably Uzbekistan. Beautiful country, great food, lovely people, not expensive…

Backpack or Case? Backpack!

Travel Book? A French one “Longue Marche” by Bernard Ollivier. It means “Long Walk”. The author wrote a trilogy about that time he walked from Istanbul all the way to China!

Quote?  I know I know… It’s so cliché… “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

Thank you, Roobens, xxx!

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    I loved this question and answer session, so interesting. I totally agree that while cultures vary so much we are all the same in the end. No matter where I’ve travelled I can honestly say I have always been able to connect with locals even if its just a smile which can say so much. Interesting to hear about the problems going through customs, how annoying. As for Roobens favourite country, it also happens to be one that I would love to visit in 2020!!

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