Travel Tuesday with Sima from The Curious Pixie

Sima in front of mosaic
Sima in Italy

My lovely travel blogger who has answered my questions this week is Sima from The Curious Pixie. Sima took a sabbatical from her day job to concentrate on her blog with stunning results.

So over to Sima from The Curious Pixie to answer my Travel Questions:

Q1 – When did you become a traveller?

The travel bug has been a part of me since the age of 14. It all started from a school ski trip to Notre Dame de Bellecombe in the Savoie region of south-eastern France – the rest, as they say, is history,

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Q2 – What kind of traveller are you? Full-time? Part-time? Anytime?

Definitely part-time. I juggle a lot of plates, I’m a mum of two and also work at the BBC. Although currently on a sabbatical to concentrate more on my travel writing.

Q3 – Which country do you originally come from and where do you call home?

I’m a born and bred Mancunian and very proud of northern roots but home is now London where I’ve lived for nearly 20 years.

Sima from The Curious Pixie in London

Q4 – Is there anything you miss from home when you are travelling?

As much as I love travelling there is nothing like coming back to your own bed,

Q5 –  What do you love most about travelling?

I love experiencing different cultures and ways of life. Also, being able to see the world through the eyes of my kids is incredible. Helping to shape their perspective of the world by realities and not exaggerated news stories.

Q6 – And what is your pet hate?

Dawdlers. Those people who wander around lackadaisically and are always in the way.

Q7 – Tell us about your favourite trip or place to visit.

Ice trekking Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina. Undoubtedly one of the most phenomenal and spectacular natural occurrences I’ve experienced.

Q8 – How do you prepare for a trip, are you a last-minute packer or days in advance?

Give me all the checklists! Last-minute packing would send me into a perpetual tailspin.

Q9 – What 5 things do you always take on your travels?

Phone. Powerpack. Camera. Sunnies. Laptop

Q10 – If money was no object, where would you live?

Somewhere where the sun always shines. In all honesty

I love London and found my happy place.

Sima from The Curious Pixie in London

Q11 – Tell us more about your blog/YouTube channel?

I write to inspire readers to escape the everyday through the world of travel, food and culture. The website comprises of both family travel and parent wellness, which also encourages trips without the little ones in tow.

Q12 – What three blogs inspire you?

Hand Luggage Only for their incredible photography and humorous video content. Hey! Dip Your Toes In for always going deeper and finding the stories behind the people. Binny’s Food and Travel Diaries for her relentless campaigning on animal rights as she travels the world.

Q13 – And your go-to travel resource?

Pinterest and all the travel blogs I can digest.

Q14 –  What advice would you give first-time bloggers?

Be consistent. Be passionate. Be you.

Q15 – Where are you off to next?

I have a very exciting trip to Panama in early 2020 as part of the KLM inflight video I was featured in on ‘The Secrets of London’.

The rest of 2020 I’m still planning so watch this space.

Sima from The Curious Pixie

Quick lowdown of Sima’s favourite:

Favourite Airport? London City airport for sheer convenience.

Favourite Mode of Transportation? Cars. Give me a vintage number any day. I even have my own obsessive hashtag #thecuriouspixiewheels where I will occasionally showcase my favourites and tag them on my IG stories.

Window seat or aisle? Always window. Love a bird’s eye view of the world.

Favourite City? Buenos Aires. One of the most exciting, vibrant cities I’ve been to and where I discovered the enticing world of midnight milongas.

Favourite Country? Italy. I’m like a boomerang. Return every year exploring different parts. And let’s be honest, mainly to eat all the pizza, pasta and gelato!

Backpack or Case? Wheelie case. I’m not a big fan of carrying things.

Travel Book? Shantaram – One of the few books that manages to capture the overwhelmingly multisensory experience of living in India.

Quote? Travelling – It leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller ~ Ibn Battuta

Thanks, Sima for answering my questions!!

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Travel Tuesday with Sima from The Curious PIxie

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    Leah says:

    I enjoyed reading about Sima’s travels! I am heading to her blog now, and I’m also checking out her favorite bloggers. As a mom to a toddler, I love finding blogs with helpful info for traveling with little ones!

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    Ann says:

    I do relate to the fact that comming home to you own bed is the one thing that you miss most about travelling. That, and my own coffee 😀

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