Face to face with elephants on our way to Rra Dinare

All the Fives – Africa’s Big, Ugly, Little, Shy and downright Impossible Animals

Most people have heard of The Big Five when it comes to the animal kingdom, but have you heard of the other Fives, the Ugly, the Little, the Shy and the Impossible Fives? With time, patience and a dollop of luck you can get to see many of them on a trip to Africa, we……..

Lion looking at the camera at Rra Dinare safari

Rra Dinare Our First Safari in Botswana

It doesn’t matter how many brochures/articles or blog posts you read about going on a safari, it really does not compare to actually experiencing one. Rra Dinare in Botswana was our first taste of safari life and within minutes we were enchanted. What We Saw on Our Two Days at Rra Dinare Camp April 10,……..

Safari Botswana FAQ

Safari in Botswana – FAQs

Going on a safari is on most travellers and wildlife fans bucket list. After a month-long housesit in Maun, Botswana, we decided to treat ourselves to a 6-day safari in the Okavango Delta. Why go on Safari in Botswana? Although it is located in the midst of the Kalahari Desert, the Okavango River floods the……..


Why the Cage Birds Sing – the Bali Starling

With a backdrop of the unspoilt West Bali National Park, NusaBay Menjangen is blessed with an abundance of wildlife, most of which you hear, but do not see; birds high in the trees singing their songs, the rustle of lizards and other small reptiles. I love watching the gentle deer who meander through the resort,……..