6 Places to Stay in Barbuda, a hidden gem in the Caribbean


Before I visited, I tried to check out places to stay in Barbuda and was frustrated that accommodation listing sites always put Antigua and Barbuda together. It was difficult to find information on accommodation for just Barbuda so after my visit in November, I would like to recommend the following places. Why visit Barbuda? Surrounded […]

Barbuda – What you Need to Know Before You Go

Walking along Frangipani Beach full

A hidden gem in the Caribbean, Barbuda is a beautiful haven with long sandy, palm-fringed, pink and white beaches, warm turquoise seas and a chilled, laidback vibe. Sadly on 6 September 2017, Hurricane Irma hit Barbuda with devastating effects. Houses were destroyed, the entire island was evacuated and the mangroves uprooted. Now, in 2020, nearly […]