Geocaching, how to be part of the worldwide treasure hunt!

Do you Geocache? Do you even know what Geocaching is? I must admit I was completely oblivious until reading about looking for geocaches on the Isle of Man in August. A quick Google, a download of the app and I was hooked! What is Geocaching? The best way I can describe Geocaching is that……..

Travelling with a Disabillity or Health Issue

Travelling with a Health Issue or Disability

Travelling can be difficult at the best of times, but when you have a disability or a health issue to contend with as well as your luggage, different cultures, language and everything else, it can be really challenging. People can be unsympathetic and dismissive, especially if your disability or health issue is not visible. I……..

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Our Travel Plans – 2018

I know it is already the middle of March, and maybe a bit late to start writing about our travel plans for 2018, but our plans have been in a bit of flux for this year. The Year So Far: Early January: France I was finishing off a house-sit in Callas in the South of……..