Geocaching, how to be part of the worldwide treasure hunt!

Geocaching in Kelso

Do you Geocache? Do you even know what Geocaching is? I must admit I was completely oblivious until reading about looking for geocaches on the Isle of Man in August. A quick Google, a download of the app and I was hooked! What is Geocaching? The best way I can describe Geocaching is that […]

Travelling with a Health Issue or Disability, 17 Amazing Travellers tell their stories

Travelling with a Disabillity or Health Issue

Travelling can be difficult at the best of times, but when you have a disability or a health issue to contend with as well as your luggage, different cultures, language and everything else, it can be really challenging. People can be unsympathetic and dismissive, especially if your disability or health issue is not visible. I […]

2019 Travel Plans – where I am going & where I would like to go

rice fields in Bali

2019 has only just started, and already my travel plans for the year are beginning to come together. I am going to try to be more spontaneous and not book too far in advance this year so that I can take advantage of any last minute opportunities that come along. Although I really enjoy housesitting, […]

Making Friends at the Stunning Kite Festival in Jaipur

Kite Festival in Jaipur

Sometimes when you travel, what sticks in your mind more than all the religious and historical sites, the wildlife or the scenery, is the amazing friendships you make along the way. Imran, our tuk-tuk driver in Jaipur, is one such friend. He invited us to join his family for the Kite Festival in January, a […]