Celebrating 14 Amazing Mature Bloggers (2019)

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When I first started my blog, I felt that the blogging world was only for people in their 20s and 30s. I soon realised that I was not the only “mature” blogger and there were plenty of amazing, interesting mature bloggers who were experiencing life and travel in their 40s, 50s and beyond!

Today, 12 June 2019, I am celebrating my 55th birthday and I would like to share the celebrations with some of my fellow more mature bloggers. We may be older, with some wrinkles, empty-nesters or still with kids at home but boy do we know how to have fun!

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14 More Mature Bloggers to follow

Stephanie from “From the Poolside”

Stephanie from From the Poolside sitting beside a swimming pool wearing sunglasses
Stephanie from From the Poolside

I am a French full time working mum and blogger living in London with my Mr Big and Mademoiselle. The three of us really enjoy staying at unique boutique hotels and villa rentals and we always look for the essential pool! So I started my blog, From the Poolside, as friends were always asking me for my tips about delightful holiday places. I love helping people find gorgeous boutique hotels and villa rentals where they can create wonderful holiday memories.

As a young single woman, I travelled alone or with friends and backpacked in Cuba, Morocco, Greece, Jordan, Mexico or the USA.  But as I got older and started a family, we had to travel closer to home and that made us appreciate the little things. You don’t have to go to the other end of the world to be transported to another world. I just came back from a holiday in Corsica where just admiring nature, listening to the noises of birds singing or the wind flowing and contemplating the sea was the best discovery I could imagine. 

If relaxation and contemplating beauty are your jam too, make sure to check my list of beach hotels with pools, amongst other good addresses. And maybe I will once meet you at one of them, enjoying a glass of rosé, or ambling along beautiful scenery.

Read more on Stephanie’s website: From the Poolside

Sima from “The Curious Pixie”

Sima from The Curious Pixie wearing a white top and sunglasses in front of a colourful mosaic wall
Sima from The Curious Pixie

A 42-year-old mum of two I’ve built a career in TV Production and now also write a lifestyle and travel blog – the Curious Pixie. The blog inspires escapist ideas from the everyday with and without your kids, through the world of travel food and culture.

My passion for travel has always been there from a young age. Whether it’s a staycation, long or short haul I’m always chasing my next adventure.

Now as a mum exposing my kids to travel is one of the biggest gifts I can give them. It’s helped broaden their horizons and the cultural experiences have definitely enriched their understanding of the world around them. There is so much of the world I’ve yet to discover, sure I’m a lover of my creature comforts and fancy hotels but I’m happiest when I’m back to nature. Nothing like watching a lioness and her cubs devour their morning zebra breakfast on a safari in South Africa; and trekking the largest glacier in Patagonia, Argentina with a fetching pair of crampons; or traversing the maze of peaceful waterways on the Keralan backwaters.

In the words of the Dalai Lamai ‘Once a year go somewhere you have never been before’. If I can help people towards that goal with my writings…well, I’m a very happy lady!

Read more on Sima’s website:The Curious Pixie

Cathy from “Mummy Travels”

Cathy from Mummy Travels with her young daughter in front of a lake in Cambodia
Cathy from Mummy Travels with her young daughter in front of a lake in Cambodia

I’ve always loved to travel – I remember the thrill of taking off on some of my first flights or the excitement of setting foot in a new country. And that desire to explore isn’t going anywhere: these days, I’m usually accompanied by my daughter (now six) who is developing her own wanderlust habit as I try to show her as much of the world as I can. 

So far, I’ve visited more than 60 countries and I still have a travel wishlist as long as the Great Wall of China – which featured in one of my favourite trips. I’ve had some amazing travels around South East Asia including Cambodia and Burma (Myanmar), although one of my favourite destinations has to be Madagascar. So little discovered, it’s incredible to see lemurs in the wild, discover the unique landscapes, the mix of cultures and snorkel with turtles by a fabulous reef in a nature reserve.

I can’t imagine ever wanting to stop travelling – especially as now I’m 42, I’ve realised there are destinations I haven’t visited for 20 years (unbelievable though it seems!). So far this year, I’ve visited India for the first time, have discovered a new Greek island and will be off to the Caribbean soon… and I’m plotting the next trips already.

Read more on Cathy’s website: Mummy Travels

Lorna from Kale and Kettlebells

Lorna from Kale and Kettlebells standing next to a lake
Lorna from Kale and Kettlebells

Health, fitness and well-being have been a huge part of my life for over 20-years, so my blog, Kale and Kettlebells is a natural extension of my lifestyle. As my interests have evolved, so has my blog and I cover a range of topics including well-being, vegan lifestyle, travel, health and fitness.

I work in the fitness industry, so my passion naturally lies in helping people to make healthier lifestyle choices. I also love encouraging people to spend time outside in nature. From my own experiences, I know the huge benefits it can have on mental health and well-being. There’s nothing better than going for a run or a hike and feeling the stress of the day just melt away. 

Growing up, I was always encouraged to wrap up warm, put on a waterproof and make friends with adventure! So, it’s no wonder that exploring the great outdoors is my happy place. Anywhere I can run, hike, climb or scramble puts a smile on my face and definitely dictates the places I visit. 

My favourite place in the UK is the Lake District. It’s where my husband and I took our first holiday together and years later we’re still finding new areas to explore. I love watching the landscape change throughout the seasons and each visit feels like a warm embrace from an old friend.

From day trips to week-long adventures, whether hiking, biking or running, there’s always a lush green forest or craggy mountain top to explore. No matter what your fitness level, the Lake District offers something for everyone who has a sense of outdoor adventure.

If you need some inspiration for a short break in the Lake District, you can find a 4-day itinerary here.

Read more on Lorna’s website: Kale and Kettlebells

Lucy from “On the Luce”

Lucy from On the Luce sitting on top of a rock with mountains in the background wearing a purple t-shirt and shorts
Lucy from On the Luce

Lucy is a travel blogger On the Luce, exploring the UK, Europe and beyond from her home base in the Cotswolds. She fell in love with travel after being blown away by her first trip to New York – as a small town 18-year-old it was like landing on another planet.

Since then she’s visited over 50 countries and fallen for a diverse mix of places from New Zealand to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, Annecy in France to the Scottish Highlands.

Lucy started her blog back in 2011 after giving up the day job and moving out of London after 10 years to freelance as an editor and proofreader and build up a more flexible, travel-filled lifestyle.

Blogging has given her some amazing memories and a ton of new experiences – most recently she’s been studying for a Master’s degree in sustainable tourism and is passionate about using travel for good and preserving our wonderful world.

Lucy’s never far from her camera, loves a good glass of prosecco, devours a book a week, is always on the hunt for luxury on a budget and can usually be found with a cat on her knee when she’s not travelling.

Read more on Lucy’s website: On the Luce

Anne from “From Miles to Smiles”

Anne from Travel Well 4 Less standing on a white sandy beach wearing white and blue striped shorts and a blue top
Celebrating bloggers who are over 40 – Anne from Travel Well 4 Less

I set up my blog four years ago when I was trying to figure out how to earn airmiles in the UK without flying. I could find little information on the topic so decided to set up my blog to share my findings. I quickly realised that airmiles really only serve one valid purpose in the UK (due to taxes and fees) and that’s to fly business class or first for less than the cost of economy.

I’ve been travelling for thirty years and have done plenty of budget travel in the past. I am now at an age however where I like to enjoy a greater degree of luxury on my travels. So, when I talk about travel the globe 4 less I don’t mean budget travel. I mean luxury for less!

I’ve visited around 90 countries to date and travel as often as possible in my annual leave, on bank holidays and weekend breaks. Up until last year, there were so many countries I loved I could not pick a favourite. However last year I finally made it to South Africa which now tops the list of my favourite countries to visit. It offers spectacular scenery, amazing adventure activities, fabulous food and drink and all for exceptional value. You can check out what we got up to on the blog.

Read more on Anne’s website: From Miles to Smiles

Alison from “Dreamer at Heart”

Alison Brown looking over ruins Plsac Nov 2018
Alison looking over ruins Plsac

Sometimes you just know that you need to switch it up. That your life needs a new direction. Taking that leap to step outside your comfort zone is not easy. A few years ago, I minimalized my belongings and set out to explore the world. It’s not that I hadn’t travelled before but I had an overwhelming desire to explore further. Some people said I was running away. In my heart, I knew I was running towards. Towards life. Towards making connections. Towards broadening my perspectives. Towards discovering myself. 

Fast forward a few years and my journey continues. I have embraced solo female travel (over 50 – woot-woot!) and slow travel through housesitting. I have lived with families in Bolivia, Guatemala and Spain to improve my Spanish and made friendships around the world. 

Through my travels, I hope to inspire other middle-aged women to push the bounds of their comfort zones. As poet Mary Oliver so aptly wrote, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Read more on Alison’s website:  Dreamer at Heart

Abigail from “Inside the Travel Lab”

Abigail King from Inside the Travel Lab sitting wearing her sunglasses in front of painted colourful wings
Abigail from Inside the Travel Lab

I’m new to the over 40 life but old to the travel game. For ten years, now, I’ve been blogging about unusual journeys and travelling around the world.

Inside the Travel Lab focuses on luxury travel for thoughtful travellers. It began at 2 in the morning while living in France and has continued around the clock ever since.

Lonely Planet describe it as “one of the best in the world,” which is nice, and Vuelio place it as the highest ranking independent luxury travel blog in the UK.

I’m so proud of the community that has grown around it: travellers who care about the people, places and cultures they visit.

A real highlight was being invited to speak at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on the subject of sustainable tourism at a high level EU-China summit.

Another running barefoot in the sand before riding horses through the surf and flamingos in the Cape.

One of the best things you can say about this planet of ours is that life is never dull. Whether it’s climbing a volcano or working out where to stay in London, passion and adventure always wait around the corner.

Read more from Abigail at Inside the Travel Lab

Suzanne from “The Travelbunny”

Suzanne Jones - The Travelbunny standing outside blue doors wearing a striped top and grey trousers
Suzanne from The Travelbunny

Hi, I’m Suzanne Jones creator of The Travelbunny a UK blog focusing on travel, food and adventure for the over 40s. I’m a serial traveller, possibly bordering on obsessed, and get a bit twitchy when there’s not a trip on the boil. I’m constantly curious about our world and an avid photographer.

I love adventure and a good road trip. We (me and Mr Jones) have been on three in the US; the Deep South, the South West and Colorado. We’re planning another to Texas later this year – I’ve started on the playlist already!

Last year we took a two week road trip through Costa Rica which was amazing. Anywhere I can see wildlife in its natural habitat has me enthralled so seeing sloths, monkeys and toucans was a thrill.

I love a bit of quirk and have stayed in some pretty unusual places. A fairy chimney in Goreme, Turkey, an adobe hut in Namibia and a junk boat in Halong Bay. But the oddest had to be 67ft up a tree in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle which was an adventure and a half. We had to climb an 84 step staircase that wound round a tree and make our way over two suspended bridges to get to our nest. Fitness levels had improved massively by the end of that trip! 

I don’t have a favourite destination. Everywhere can be a favourite but for different reasons – the people, the food, wildlife, or even the buzz of a place. Possibly, my favourite is the place I’ve yet to discover because it holds the excitement and anticipation of new experiences and encounters and that’s a feeling you just can’t beat.

Read more on Suzanne’s website: The Travelbunny

Claire from “Weekend Candy”

Claire from The Weekend Candy sitting cross legged in the doorway of a green and cream caravan
Claire from Weekend Candy

My name’s Claire and I run a website called weekendcandy.com – it’s dedicated to weekend breaks in the UK and Europe. I started the site because I love adventure on a weekend and HATE domestic chores!

Since I started Weekend Candy, it’s grown into a brand covering all manner of weekend adventures – beach, quirky, romantic – and a place for people to come for ideas to have incredible days off.

It’s hard to choose my favourite weekend – they’re all so different and brilliant. But at a push, I’d say Florence is my favourite city for 48 hours. But, in reality, anything that saves me from ironing on a weekend, I’ll take!

Read more on Claire’s website: Weekend Candy

Alizon from “Travels with Albertine”

Alizon from Travels with Albertine standing leaning on a pole wearing a striped top next to the sea
Alizon from Travels with Albertine

I’m Alizon and I’m staring 60 in its well worn face. Albertine is my alter ego, my funkier punkier self who emerged when I gave up work to be a writer, traveller and itinerant. I’m currently living in mainland Greece where I’m trying to publish my first crime thriller The Lantern Bearers and write my second crime novel.

Retiring is like being born again as a wiser, fatter and less energetic twenty-something. You begin to uncover who you once were and who you want to be.  I’m from the punk generation not the senior set and I’m determined not to settle for cruises, golf and afternoon teas. Instead I’m blowing my tiny pension on travelling, creativity and what Virginia Woolf said women writers need: A room of my own.

My ‘room’ is not a fixed place but the stimulating space of travel, the small refuge of a rented room, the balcony table, the café, the bar.  But it’s my space to write, read, experience and to be me.

That me is passionate about books, and, in that already distant past life, I taught English literature and Creative Writing. Now free of the confines of an institution I want to pass on my love of books and writing to my readers so I’ll be posting book reviews and writing tips.

Ageing is a transformative experience and a positive one, but it has its challenges. In my blog I will talk about all the things that affect women in their second chance years: health, new found creativity, ageing parents, loss, nanny guilt and the impact of our lives on this planet.

Travels with Albertine is about travel, but not just the journeys we make to see the world, but the journey we make in the world to become our new selves.

Read more on Alizon’s website: Travels with Albertine

Sally from The Foodie Travel Guide

Sally from The Foodie Travel Guide sitting in front of a Welcome to Jimmy's Farm sign wearing a lavender cardigan and jeans
Sally from The Foodie Travel Guide

I’ve always loved travelling and initially chose it as my career. In my summer holidays, I worked on a French campsite as a representative for Canvas Holidays. When I left university, I joined Thomas Cook as a graduate trainee. It was a job that took me to over 30 countries in 5 years and ended up with me living in Paris.

In my forties, I realised that although I’d travelled widely, I didn’t really know my own country very well. Setting up my blog thefoodietravelguide.com has given me the opportunity to explore Great Britain and see it through a different lens. Having worked as a digital consultant and writer for many years, it seemed the ideal way to combine my skills with my love of food, travel and photography.

As a foodie, I like to seek out interesting and delicious ways to explore and enjoy the amazing food and drink we produce in Britain. I wanted to create an authoritative guide that would inspire others to do the same. You’ll usually find me eating out in farm restaurants, tasting gin on a distillery tour, wine tasting in a vineyard or going to a regional food festival. I particularly love visiting traditional seaside towns such as Whitstable in Kent and Southwold in Suffolk, because they haven’t lost any of their old fashioned charm. My favourite thing to do is go for a long coastal walk followed by a delicious pub meal.

I still love to travel abroad. Each year, I go ski-ing in France and every summer, rent a villa with friends in Italy, France or Greece. Give me a beach taverna and a Greek salad with grilled fish, a glass of rosé and the sand between my toes and I’m happy.

Read more on Sally’s website: The Foodie Travel Guide

Kathryn from “Travel with Kat”

Kathryn from Travels with Kat dog-sledging in Norway on the snow
Kathryn from Travels with Kat

I’ve worked in travel in one way or another for over 30 years but it’s thanks to my blog, which I started about eight years ago, that I’ve travelled to some of the most fascinating of places. 

One of the first big adventures that blogging brought me was a visit to Arctic Norway. I’ll never forget the beauty of the snow-covered landscapes or the thrill of riding along the frozen fjords on a sledge behind a team of huskies. 

Some of the most memorable moments of my life include my first sighting of a grizzly bear in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest, flying over Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast in a helicopter and my first glimpse of a magnificent golden stupa in Thailand, where I also found my favourite cuisine in the world!

I’ve visited many great cities too, most recently Charleston and Belfast, but I do love being in the wilderness most of all. My favourite place on earth is Mandina Lodges in Makasutu Forest in the tiny country of The Gambia in West Africa. When I stayed in one of the floating river lodges, surrounded by the forest, I woke early on the first morning. The sight of a myriad of stars reflected in the still water took my breath away. As the sun began to rise, the forest exploded into a cacophony of sounds as the birds welcomed the dawn. I sat by my lodge looking out across the water and listened and watched as the forest awoke.

More recently, however, I found another contender for the top spot in my heart and this time it was much closer to home, a log cabin by a lake in the Cotswolds in England with Log House Holidays. It’s the most relaxing place I’ve ever been to, and I dearly hope to go back one day. So maybe precisely where I am in the world doesn’t matter too much, if I’m staying in a log cabin on or by water, surrounded by nature.

Read more on Kathryn’s website: Travel with Kat

Andrea from Happy Days Travel Blog

Andrea from Happy Days Travel Blog in Turkey wearing sunglasses with water and yachts in the background
Andrea from Happy Days Travel Blog in Turkey

My husband and I have always loved to travel and used to take extended long-haul holidays as an escape from our stressful jobs in the UK.  Fifteen years ago, we woke up one day and thought, ‘Why don’t we just give up on the stress and travel all the time?’.  So, we did!  It really was that simple!

Since then, we have lived in several countries and travelled to over forty others.  It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been an adventure and we wouldn’t change a second of it! 

Along the way, we have funded our travels by working as holiday couriers, teaching English, volunteering on various Workaway projects, and house-sitting.  I have been blogging on and off for most of the time we’ve been travelling, purely as a hobby.  Now, with time running short (I’m 54 and Mark hits the big 6-0 next year) and our bucket list getting ever longer, I’m trying to turn my blog into a business to give us complete location independence.

With Happy Days Travel Blog, my dream is to inspire others to do what we have done.  We love getting off the beaten track and enjoy overlanding as a method of travel.  We have taken trips through Ethiopia and, most recently, Ghana, Benin and Togo. 

The joy of travelling with like-minded people to places other travellers don’t generally get to never dims.  It’s something we want to continue doing as long as our health allows us to.  After all, as the saying goes, ‘Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.’

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Celebrating More Mature Bloggers
Celebrating More Mature Bloggers who show us that there is no age limit to blogging!
Celebrating More Mature Bloggers who show us that there is no age limit to blogging!

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