Colourful Tenemnet houses in Zamosc Poland with blue, red and yellow painted facades

UNESCO Sites Off the Beaten Track – Europe

I recently visited the Isle of Man which I discovered is the only whole nation to be a member of the UNESCO world network of Biosphere Reserves. This got me thinking about other lesser known UNESCO sites that are off the beaten track. I reached out to some of my fellow bloggers and the result is this……..

rice fields in Bali

2019 Travel Plans – where I am going & where I would like to go

2019 has only just started, and already my plans for the year are beginning to come together. I am going to try to be more spontaneous and not book too far in advance this year so that I can take advantage of any last minute opportunities that come along. Although I really enjoy housesitting, I……..


Traverse18 Blogging Conference in Rotterdam

The Traverse Events team have just released the details of Traverse19 which will take place in Trentino in Italy next June. This year’s Traverse18 in Rotterdam was my first ever blogging event and I wasn’t really sure what I was letting myself in for. So if you are thinking about going to Traverse19 and want……..