25 of the Best Castles in Italy

castello di miramare 1925340 1280

With amazing food, stunning scenery, friendly people, a lyrical language and awe-inspiring architecture, what is there not to love about Italy? Wherever you go, there seem to be an Italian castle, palazzo or magnificent villa to wander around. Italy is full of castles, palazzos and fortresses. Sadly some have fallen into disrepair, while others have […]

23 Amazing UNESCO Sites in Europe, Off the Beaten Track

Colourful Tenemnet houses in Zamosc Poland with blue, red and yellow painted facades

I recently visited the Isle of Man which I discovered is the only whole nation to be a member of the UNESCO world network of Biosphere Reserves. This got me thinking about other lesser-known UNESCO sites in Europe that are off the beaten track. I reached out to some of my fellow bloggers and the […]

10 Amazing Day Trips from Bologna, Italy

The ceiling of Basilica di Sant’Appollinare Nuovo

Bologna is one of my favourite Italian cities to visit. I have spent many days just wandering around the city absorbing all the sights, sounds and delicious smells. But sometimes, you need a change of scenery and, using Bologna as your base, there are so many delightful towns to visit as a day trip from […]

7 of the Best Things to do in Ravenna, Italy

Things to do in Ravenna

Whether you are on a road trip through Italy or fancy a day out from Bologna or one of the other Italian cities, don’t miss out the beautiful city of Ravenna. Just a short train journey from the centre of Bologna through the beautiful countryside. Famous for its mosaics, Ravenna sits to the south-east of […]