Amazing Vegan Restaurants in Europe

Vegan Junk Food Bar 1

With the rising trend of people giving up eating all animal products, the number of vegan restaurants in Europe and around the world has grown. Plant-based menus have become more interesting, and colourful – no more plates of boring brown sludge. Vegan pizza, sushi, burgers, vegan junk food are all available now. But how do […]

23 Amazing UNESCO Sites in Europe, Off the Beaten Track

Colourful Tenemnet houses in Zamosc Poland with blue, red and yellow painted facades

I recently visited the Isle of Man which I discovered is the only whole nation to be a member of the UNESCO world network of Biosphere Reserves. This got me thinking about other lesser-known UNESCO sites in Europe that are off the beaten track. I reached out to some of my fellow bloggers and the […]