Would you like to work with The Silver Nomad?

I am open to collaborations with brands, destinations or products which fit with my work and ethics. This includes UK and foreign travel, travel products, photography and drone items. However, I will look at other options, so please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Why work with The Silver Nomad

The Silver Nomad is aimed at over 30’s, couples and solo female travellers who are looking to expand their horizons, step out of the package tour comfort zone, enjoy new destinations and fabulous experiences on all types of budgets.

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We will work together to help you reach new audiences, grow your brand and gain more exposure.

Our Audience

The Silver Nomad readership is growing and is predominantly based in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe. Our readers are mainly between 34-70 years old, and an even mix of male and female readers.



I have worked with various companies and destinations in the tourism industry. These include hotels, attractions as well as tourism board and giving talks on drones including:


Information For Brands

My readers trust me to be honest and share my views of my experiences in a truthful way.

All views will be my own. I will not work with companies who want positive feedback in exchange for payment, be it financial or an experience or product.

If I am compensated in any way, financially or in kind, all links in posts will be marked “nofollow”. There will also be a disclosure:

  • Blog posts – A disclaimer statement will be placed at the top of the post stating the relationship
  • Twitter/Facebook/Instagram – I will include #ad or #sponsored in the text

I hope you understand and respect my guidelines. I Iook forward to working with you!

Get in Contact

If you would like to get in contact about working together, please send an email outlining how you would like to collaborate and what you expect from me to hi@thesilvernomad.co.uk.