2019 Travel Plans – where I am going & where I would like to go

rice fields in Bali

2019 has only just started, and already my travel plans for the year are beginning to come together. I am going to try to be more spontaneous and not book too far in advance this year so that I can take advantage of any last minute opportunities that come along.

Although I really enjoy housesitting, I do find it can sometimes restrict me, so I have decided not to take on any housesitting assignments unless they are an absolute peach! – check out July!!

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I will update this as my trips come up, but here is how it is looking today:

Updated: 2 September 2019

My Travel Plans for 2019

January: Doncaster & Bali

After several postponements, I will be finally sitting my CAA Drone Licence with Hummingbird UAV in Doncaster. My Operations Manual is complete and so as soon as my flight test is approved, I can submit my application to the CAA for my licence.

Another postponement was my trip to Bali. I am hoping to go on a yoga retreat in Ubud, before travelling north to Lovina to see friends and enjoy the peace and tranquillity. I have been practising my Indonesian and hope to immerse myself and start actually using it.

Bali one of our travel plans for 2019

February: Hamburg, Germany

I will still be in Bali until mid-February but at the end of February, I will be travelling to Hamburg for the first KeyFrame event by run by Traverse.  KeyFrame is a four-day interactive and creative video conference where I will be learning and improving my videoing skills.

March: Bansko, Bulgaria

We have been invited to try out snowboarding in Bansko and stay in a fabulous eco chalet by Snomads. It is my first time in Bulgaria and I am looking forward to exploring a bit. I have to admit I am not sure how the snowboarding will go due to my arm – if you don’t know my arm backstory, have a read here – but I am going to give it a go!

April: Bologna & Imola, Italy

I am travelling to Bologna and Imola at the end of April for a weekend with The Grand Prix Drivers’ Club and to attend the Historic Minardi Day at Imola Circuit. I have a few days before the event and not sure if I will explore Bologna or Imola yet.

Piazza Maggiore, Bologna

June: Trentino, Italy & Boston, USA

Back to Italy in June for this year’s Traverse 19 conference is in Trentino in the Italian Alps. Traverse is a conference for digital influencers, creators, bloggers and vloggers to meet up to learn, experience, create, network and grow our businesses. Last year was my first time at Traverse and I really enjoyed it, so much so I am going back for more.

I am super excited as I am now going to TravelCon in Boston at the end of June, travelling with two great bloggers and friends, Michele from The Intrepid Guide and Lisa from Fjords and Beaches. Not only am I excited about the event, but this will be my first proper trip to America!! I have only ever seen the inside of airports – Atlanta and Alaska!

UPDATE: so sadly our housesitter fell through which meant that Boston did not happen, and neither did JeJu Island.

July: JeJu Island, South Korea

Well, I said it had to be a peach of a housesit, and we have 7 weeks looking after a dog and 3 cats on Jeju Island in South Korea. Another new country for us to explore!

August: Eastern Rhodopi, Bulgaria

After our unsuccessful snowboarding attempts in Bulgaria, we are going back to explore the Eastern Rhodopi Mountains and experience some of the culture and cuisine of Bulgaria.

September: Hamburg, Germany

October: Alloway, Scotland

A family wedding takes me north of the border to Ayr in the west coast of Scotland, a place I don’t know very well, so I am looking forward to exploring.

So where else would I like to go in 2019?

Alan and I at the British Grand Prix in 2015
Alan and I at the British Grand Prix in 2015
  • China to walk the Great Wall
  • Japan
  • India for the Holi Festival in March – sadly I missed this, but maybe next year?
  • Brazil to explore some more
  • A Grand Prix abroad, I haven’t decided which Grand Prix I would like to go to, but I will tie it in with other travels
  • Africa, maybe Uganda, Namibia or Tanzania to go on safari
  • The Isle of Man to visit our family house as I didn’t manage to get there in 2018
  • Amsterdam for a Creative Writing Course
  • Bulgaria to go snowboarding

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The Silver Nomad's Plans for 2019
The Silver Nomad's Plans for 2019
The Silver Nomad's Plans for 2019

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