18 Awesome Vegan Restaurants around the World

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The trend for plant-based diets as people is growing, and with it, the number of vegan restaurants around the world has increased dramatically. But when you are travelling or visiting a new town or city how do you know where the best plant-based restaurants are?

6 Places to Stay in Barbuda, a hidden gem in the Caribbean


Before I visited, I tried to check out places to stay in Barbuda and was frustrated that accommodation listing sites always put Antigua and Barbuda together. It was difficult to find information on accommodation for just Barbuda so after my visit in November, I would like to recommend the following places. Why visit Barbuda? Surrounded […]

Barbuda – What you Need to Know Before You Go

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A hidden gem in the Caribbean, Barbuda is a beautiful haven with long sandy, palm-fringed, pink and white beaches, warm turquoise seas and a chilled, laidback vibe. Sadly on 6 September 2017, Hurricane Irma hit Barbuda with devastating effects. Houses were destroyed, the entire island was evacuated and the mangroves uprooted. Now, in 2020, nearly […]

18 Amazing UNESCO Sites in The Americas & Caribbean

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The fifth in my series about UNESCO sites off the beaten track takes us to North, South and Central Americas and the Caribbean. My fellow bloggers have helped me produce the following list of unusual UNESCO sites in The Americas and Caribbean. Lesser-known UNESCO sites in The Americas & Caribbean Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua by Larch […]

6 of the Best Places to Stay in Guanaja, Honduras

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How would you like to find the best places to stay in Guanaja? Stay on an island with deserted long white sandy beaches, fabulous diving, waterfalls, tropical forest and travelling by boat everywhere? Let me introduce you to the small island of Guanaja off the coast of Honduras. Guanaja is one of the three islands […]

1 night in the magical Treehouse at Roland’s Garden Guesthouse, Guanaja

Treehouse at Rolands Garden Guest House

Imagine falling asleep to the sound of the trees gently swaying in the breeze, cicadas chirping and the occasional armadillo snuffling through the undergrowth below. The sound of birds and dappled sunlight gently waking you up in the morning. This is how we spent a blissful night in the new Treehouse at Roland’s Garden Guesthouse […]