Q4 Booster Toolkit – Make this year your best Q4 ever!

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Life in 2020 and 2021 has been difficult for bloggers. Bloggers in all niches have seen traffic and income drop dramatically over the last 18 months. As we head into Q4 we have the opportunity to change things around and gain some real income again.

But where do you start? What do you focus on first? I must admit I felt completely overwhelmed with the thought of gearing my blog up for Q4.

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When the launch of the Q4 Booster Toolkit was announced this week, I realised this was what I had been waiting for! I invested in myself and my blog and although I won’t know the results for a while, I am confident that I am headed in the right direction.

Grab your Q4 Booster Toolkit

What is Q4?

The year gets split up into quarters of three months each. The last quarter, Q4, is October, November and December and includes Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. These are ideal times for bloggers in any niche to make affiliate sales, product sales and to generally boost their traffic and income.

Why choose the Q4 Booster Toolkit?

There are so many opportunities to make money in Q4, but with opportunities comes work, a lot of work. What the booster kit does for you is give you a clear and focused strategy to follow.

The templates are there for you to use, calendars to keep you on track, ideas, inspiration, all backed by Leanne’s infectious encouragement. She also details her own experience making £1.47k over Black Friday weekend.

The course is comprehensive and covers all angles.

What does the Q4 Booster Toolkit include?

Don’t have time to read the whole post? Watch the video instead – and yes, the template for this video is included in the Toolkit!!

The 11 Items in the Q4 Toolkit

  1. Lessons to grow traffic & make more money in Q4
  2. Q4 workbook
  3. Elementor Page Templates
  4. Printable gift guide template
  5. Google Calendars
  6. Social media templates
  7. Ad revenue ebook
  8. Black Friday email templates
  9. Digital planner & tracker
  10. Printable action plans
  11. SEO Audit instructions

That seems a lot, but actually, it is the way it is presented that is impressive. Clear, concise, and lots of aha-moments. The course is packed with tips, tricks, hints and insider info to make your Q4 really successful.

Choose from your style from a Blitz it Plan for Bloggers where you go hell for leather or if you don’t have much time every day to concentrate on your blog go for the Bite-size daily tasks.

By joining the associated Facebook page, you can join up with other bloggers as accountability buddies, which really helps to motivate and keep you on point.

By your Q4 Booster Toolkit and set your blog up for success this Q4

Working through the Q4 Booster Kit

The course comes in both written and audio form with over-the-shoulder videos showing you how to do things and explaining what to do where.

You don’t just focus on affiliate links, but the course also covers lead magnets, ad revenue, scheduling and from the start, you are optimising your posts and site for the best Q4 you can have. Leanne leads you through how to use Google Analytics to find the posts to optimise for SEO.

Mock up of screen showing SEO auditing
Audit your posts for SEO

You can keep track of all your seo auditing, keywords, affiliate links, Black Friday and Holiday Sales Trackers by filling in the tables in AirTable (an amazing tool for your blogging – check out the Blog Boss Management System).

Next year you can look back and see what worked and what didn’t for you.

computer screen mockup of airtable

If you have problems scheduling when you should be sending emails, publishing your posts and social media, just set up the Google Calenders provided and schedule your social media with SmarterQueue.

Even the templates for your social media posts are provided. Using Canva you just change to your colours and add your images and publish!

The course doesn’t just set you up for Q4 for 2021, but you can apply what you have learnt to other holidays, and give you a framework to build on.

How much does the Q4 Booster Kit cost?

The cost of the course is $157, but if you use the code Q4MONEYMAKER before midnight on Friday 8th October you will save 25% bring it down to $117.

Final Thoughts about the course

We are only in October and while it is too early to reap results, I have gone through the course and have started implementing what I have learnt so far.

I am inspired and love doing the videos – check my post on Lacock where I published my first one – and have started the process of building my gift pages.

Would I recommend it? Without a doubt!

About Leanne and Passive Income Superstars

mock up of computer screen showing Leanne from Passive Income Superstars
Leanne from Passive Income Superstars

The Passive Income Superstars is my go-to for all affiliate marketing courses. Leanne, the awesome brains behind Passive Income Superstars is a friend of mine, and boy does she know her stuff!

She has used her knowledge gained from her own travel blog – The Globetrotter GP. The Q4 Booster Toolkit uses the same strategies that Leanne used to earn £1.47k on Black Friday weekend. Very inspirational!

Grab your Q4 Booster Toolkit before midnight on Friday 8th October and save 25% with code Q4MONEYMAKER

Pinterest Pin with Q4 is profitable for bloggers but only if you plan for it. Get all the templates, prompts, ideas, step-by-step trainings and swipe files you need to triple your Q4 blog income n it

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