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10 Great Reasons to Visit Indonesia

10 great reasons to visit Indonesia, the many islands including Java, Bali, and Sumatra, food, [...]


5 of The Best Yoga Retreats in North Bali

Bali, with its lush forests, magnificent mountains, tropical vibe, and sandy beaches, is a popular [...]

Wanagiri Hidden Hill, the perfect Instagram spot in Bali

Take a trip to Wanagiri Hidden Hill and the most perfect Instagram spots in the [...]


How to Cook Ayam Goreng, delicious Fried Chicken, Bali Style

Every country has a fried chicken recipe and this is one from Bali. Ayam Goreng [...]

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Sambal Matah, how to make delicious Balinese Lemongrass Sauce

Sambal Matah, or lemongrass sambal is a delicious Balinese sauce: sweet, sour, hot and cooling [...]


10 amazing things to do in the North of Bali

Come and explore the North of Bali with us, waterfalls, temples, natural hot springs, dolphins, [...]

Chilling out at the sublime NusaBay Menjangan

NusaBay Menjangan is one of those delightful places you come across and you want to [...]


Galungan dan Kuningan, Bali’s celebration of their ancestors

Today, the 1st of November 2017 is the first day of Galungan in Bali. A [...]

When is the best time to visit Bali?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “When is a good time [...]

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