5 of The Best Yoga Retreats in North Bali

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Bali, with its lush forests, magnificent mountains, tropical vibe, and sandy beaches, is a popular destination for health and wellness enthusiasts. And of course, the Island of the Gods is famous for its yoga retreats, making it one of the ultimate yoga destinations on your list if you want to improve on your practice.

While the gorgeous towns of Ubud and Canggu are considered the top yoga retreat hotspots in Bali, there are other areas on the island that are equally majestic without the hordes of tourists – one, in particular, is North Bali. If you want to try a new experience other than visiting Canggu and Ubud, North Bali is where you should be.

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Why Should You Explore North Bali?

There are many reasons to fall in love with North Bali. One of the most obvious ones is that it offers the unspoiled beauty of the island. If you just want to get away from the more developed and touristy South and opt for a laidback Bali journey, the North part is the best choice.

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces – The Silver Nomad

In the north, you can enjoy the raw natural scenery of rugged mountains, tranquil villages, and rice paddies, as you are greeted by friendly locals and witness their way of life. And if you are particular about nature, know that many of the breathtaking waterfalls on the island can be found in the North.

And that’s not just it. Since you’ll be away from the busiest towns, you don’t have to compete for accommodations. You even get to stay in luxurious villas without spending too much.

The untouched natural landscape, the more serene environment away from crowds, and the many opportunities for fun activities make North Bali perfect for families travelling with kids. And of course, it’s the ideal destination for retreaters who want a raw and authentic Balinese experience.

Quick Tips for Yoga Retreat Preparation

Lucile practicing yoga

Whether you’re an experienced or novice yogi, preparing for your yoga retreat helps condition your mind to be ready for whatever lies ahead in your journey. Below are some tips to prepare for and make the most out of your yoga retreat.

  • Keep up with your practice – if you keep practicing, you’ll make progress with yoga. One way you can do this is to learn to do yoga on your own. By practising at home or any spot you can find, you are preparing your mind and body and building the confidence you need for your retreat.  You will also feel comfortable making the choices that feel good for your body and will know which options to take to practice yoga safely.
  • Pack light – You don’t need a lot when going far away on a retreat. After all, yoga philosophy also touches on detachment, so you don’t need much during this trip. Just pack your trusty travel yoga mat, a few of your yoga leggings, and some swimming outfits for when you need to have some beach time. Remember, you’re in the tropical paradise of Bali.
  • Set Realistic goals – Before joining a yoga retreat, be clear with your intentions and come up with realistic goals based on those intentions. Are you joining the retreat for introspection? Healing? Practice mindfulness? Or do you want to develop the practice of making healthy choices?

Top 5 Best Yoga Retreats in Bali

Bali’s charm doesn’t stop at the famous destinations, Canggu in the South and Ubud in the centre. The North is a great alternative for yogis and retreaters who want something new for a change. Below are 5 of the recommended yoga retreats you can find in the north.

1.    Lovina Beach

Lovina one of the best places for yoga retreats in Bali
Photo Credit: The Silver Nomad

Lovina Beach is a well-known retreat spot located on the north coast of Bali. This relaxed beach town is a perfect place for meditation and relaxation. If you need to renew your yoga practice or simply want to relax, immerse yourself in a cultural retreat in Lovina Beach. Depending on your preferred style, yoga classes include Hatha, Kundalini yoga and meditations, and Vinyasa Yoga,

Don’t expect to do your yoga session on a white, sandy beach, though. Lovina is known for its black sandy shores that are equally stunning. Other attractions in the area include temples, hot springs, and the 40-meter-high waterfall, which you shouldn’t miss – Gitgit Waterfall

2.    Manyia Retreats (Pemuteran)

Manyia Retreats studio
Photo Credit: Wellness Retreat by Manyia

Need an off-the-beaten-path location to enjoy Bali? Try heading to the North-west part of the island in Pemuteran. This peaceful getaway can be considered a hidden gem of Bali untouched by overdevelopment.

Pemuteran is also home to remarkable yoga retreats that let you focus on your yoga practice while enjoying the scenery. One retreat to checkout is the eco-luxury, wellness retreat by Manyia, which offers daily classes and spa treatments for that rejuvenating experience.

A 6-day healing retreat can include activities like mindful meditations, pilates, and yoga, along with a nutritious feast and other exciting activities. The best part is that you get to do this while being surrounded by beautiful scenery.

3.    Bali Silent Retreat (Penatahan)

Are you interested in embarking on a silent retreat? It’s going to be one challenging but rewarding journey. Trust me – I’ve tried it. Silent retreats need you to spend a lot of time with yourself, introspecting and feeling comfortable being in that state of solitude.

Bali Silent Retreat in Penatahan is one yoga retreat centre worth checking out if you want to take that life-changing journey. It’s an ideal place where you can do some “time-out” to nourish your mind and body. Surrounded by nature, going to this retreat will allow you to reconnect to your true self at your own pace.

4.    Zen Resort Bali (Singaraja)

The port town of Singaraja is another place in North Bali to find yoga retreats. There are plenty of experienced yoga teachers who can help deepen your practice. One recommended retreat centre, in particular, is Zen Resort Bali.

Whether you want a quick weekend retreat for 3-days or an immersive 21-night stay, your time in Zen Resort will help you achieve your wellness goals through relaxation, rejuvenation, yoga, and meditation. You will also get to experience Ayurvedic treatments, cultural exploration, and recreational activities.

If you’re new to yoga, experienced teachers will be more than willing to guide you and build your confidence while practising in groups. Asanas can be recommended but will still depend on your fitness level. Daily yoga classes are also offered.

5. Bali Mandala (Singaraja)

Meditationshalle aussen Bali Mandala
Photo Credit: Bali Mandala

Bali Mandala is another inspiring place for a yoga retreat away from the busier regions of the island. Bali Mandala also offers Blue Mandala Silent Retreat where you can do your meditation in a garden by the sea. Refresh your mind and body and return to your true self by participating in this unique silent retreat.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these off the beaten path yoga retreat and are feeling inspired to pack your bags and embark on this life-changing journey.

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Best Yoga Retreats in North Bali
Best Yoga Retreats in North Bali studio

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