The Taj Mahal – top 12 tips to make your visit awesome!

Top Twelve Tips for the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is on most people’s travel bucket list. The iconic testament to love, it was built in the 17th Century by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The stunning intricately carved white marble monument rightly deserves its place on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List.

As one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, it is an extremely popular attraction with over 35,000 daily visitors. To help you get the best out of your visit, here are some tips:

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Top 12 Tips for the Taj Mahal

1 – Get there really early

To beat the crowds it is best to get there super early to queue for tickets. Seriously it is worth it! We arrived at 5.45 am and were fifth in the queue at the booth, but it soon filled up and by the time I bought the tickets at 7.00 am, there was a long snaking queue behind me. The ticket price cost 900 rupees each (£10 at June 2018 prices and exchange rates) but includes your shoe covers.

Sunrise at the Taj Mahal

2 – Spilt up

If there are more than two of you, split up. One joins the queue at the ticket office and the other the queue at the gate. Coach tours tend to turn up around 6.30 am and as they have all got tickets in advance you can end up behind them. Men and women queue in separate lines, but you should be able to get in around where your partner is in the queue.

3 – Befriend the staff

On our way to the ticket office, we chatted to some of the staff, who then kept my place in the queue at the gate, and when I arrived with the tickets I was ushered to the front of the ladies queue. I am not saying that it will work every time, but it is better to be polite and friendly, you never know what might happen.

4 – Grab a chai along the way

You might be in for a long wait, so take advantage of the chai sellers along the roads leading to the entrances. Also, bring some breakfast to eat if you can to eat while you wait. Maybe some cake or fruit to munch on?

5 – Security at the Taj Mahal

Once the doors open, you will be scanned and your bag checked. Make sure you don’t have any sharp objects, lighters or food as generally they will be confiscated.

6 – Hire a guide or go it alone?

Many of the staff offer to show you around. Obviously, there is a fee for this, normally asked for at the end. You can negotiate, but expect to pay about 500 to 1,000 Rupee (£5.50 – £11 at June 2018 exchange rates). The advantage is that these guys know their stuff, can show you all the good angles for photos and give you some history along the way. If you go it alone, check out my guide to Top 7 Photography Tips for the Taj Mahal.

7 – Be respectful of the buildings

To the left of the Taj Mahal is the Mosque. When entering it and the actual mausoleum you will need to remove or cover your shoes – for foreign visitors, the shoe covers are included in the price of your ticket. You can take photographs, except in the mausoleum where all photography is banned.

The Taj Mahal from the Guest Quarters

8 – Be respectful of other people

The Taj Mahal can get very, very busy. All times of day people are trying to get their shots and there can be some jostling, but just be patient and stand in the informal queue for the “Diana” shot. Try not to get too irate when the umpteenth person stands in front of you just as you are about to take your perfect photo, they will move on and you will get your shot. Also be mindful of other people taking their photos around you!

Waiting patiently for my shot with the Taj Mahal

9 – Be respectful with your clothing

It is hot in India and it is tempting to wear skimpy or revealing clothing. Although there is no official dress code at the Taj Mahal, you might attract some unwanted stares if your dress is a bit on the short side. Take a shawl or scarf to cover shoulders if you want to wear strappy tops. Maybe longer skirts or trousers to protect your modesty. I popped a pair of long shorts under my dress and took two scarves one heavier for the morning chill, then a lighter one as the day grew hotter.

10 – Don’t plan to visit on a Friday

The Taj Mahal is closed to the public on a Friday. Muslims can attend prayers on a Friday afternoon. Otherwise, it is open from sunrise to sunset. If you do find yourself in Agra on a Friday, there is plenty to do including visiting Agra Fort, the Baby Taj and the Mehtab Bagh.

11 – Get up close and personal

While the Taj Mahal is beautiful from a distance, get up close and really look at the building. Explore the work of the many masons, stone-cutters, inlayers, carvers, painters, calligraphers, dome-builders and other artisans who together created it. Admire the gardens, the pools, the symmetry. Look inside the Mosque at the floors which echo the silhouette, gaze up at the work on the ceilings.

The Taj Mahal from a different angle
The Mosque at the Taj Mahal

12 – Enjoy the View

Once you have taken your photos, pause, stand back and just bask in the awesomeness of the Taj Mahal. It is truly breathtaking!

the Taj Mahal
Top 12 Tips for the Taj Mahal

If you want to book a guide before you go, check out these Taj Mahal tours with GetYourGuide. Booking with GetYourGuide allows me to travel knowing that my tour is all sorted.

15 thoughts on “The Taj Mahal – top 12 tips to make your visit awesome!

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  2. Avatar of GEENA TRUMAN
    GEENA TRUMAN says:

    Love this!! I would love to visit with minimal people and get the kinds of photos that you did. Also I liked your tip about being kind to the staff because that is always in the travelers best interests <3

    • Avatar of Larch Gauld
      Larch Gauld says:

      We made the mistake of arriving on Thursday afternoon, and the Taj Mahal is closed on a Friday, but we went to Agra Fort, The baby Taj and the Mehtab Bagh, which were great tasters for our trip to the Taj Mahal!

    • Avatar of Larch Gauld
      Larch Gauld says:

      Interesting question Diana, I personally would love to and when I go back later this year, plan to try one. I think as long as you are respectful, I would be fine with it. You would look amazing in a sari!

  3. Avatar of Linnea
    Linnea says:

    Really good tip about arriving there at 5:45! I also like the idea of getting a chai too! Lots of great information! One day I will get there!

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