WowTrip – Would You Take a Surprise Holiday in Europe?

WowTrip Surprise Holiday

Have you ever been taken on a surprise trip, where you have no idea where you are going? All you know is how long you are going for, which airport and that it is somewhere in Europe? I took a surprise trip arranged by WOWTrip. The surprise was that until I turned up at Heathrow, I had no idea where I was going.

Now, I normally have two ways of organising my travel: I either plan and book well in advance or I book last minute and go with the flow. But whichever way I travel, I am the one to be in control of all the bookings, flights, accommodation and transport. So for me to give up the organising and allow WowTrip to book my flights and accommodation did cause me more than a few palpitations. But I needn’t have worried, everything went so smoothly.

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So let me tell answer a few of your questions about WowTrip

This post about my surprise trip to Brussels was created in collaboration with WOWTrip. A fabulous way to discover somewhere new or to treat a friend or loved one, maybe a birthday, Valentines, wedding or anniversary present!

WowTrip to Belgium

FAQs about WowTrip

What is a WowTrip?

The basic idea behind WowTrip is that you go to their website, select which airport you would like to fly from, how many people are travelling, for how many days and what date you would like to fly on and leave the rest to them. WowTrip then arranges the flights and hotel on a room only basis. You cover your meals and any other expenses like transport, excursions and treats.

Where does WowTrip fly to?

If you fly from one of the London airports, you could land in any one of 46 European cities; but you can also fly from Birmingham, Manchester or Edinburgh. You could jet off to Athens, Bologna, Stockholm, Nice or Venice or one of the other great European cities they offer.

You do have the option to discard one location for free or if you want to discard more there is a small charge. For example, you may already have been to Amsterdam and don’t want to go back on this trip, so you select to discard it. (If you give this as a gift, they get to discard 3 different locations for free!)

Where will you stay?

The hotels you stay in are a minimum of 3-star hotels and centrally located. We stayed at the Hilton Brussels City, a 4-star hotel within walking distance of the Grand-Place in Brussels.

How much does a WowTrip cost?

Depending on when you fly, 2 nights and 3 days costs from as little as Β£150 per person. Obviously the more days the more expensive it gets, but you can stay for up to 7 nights, 8 days.

Can I choose where you are going?

While you can’t choose exactly where you are going, you can select places you don’t want to go to. You can discard as many destinations as you want, the first one is free, but after that, it costs Β£5 per destination per person. But remember this is meant to be a surprise!

If you give it as a present, or receive it as a gift, up to 3 destinations can be discarded for free.

When do you find out where you are going?

WowTrip Surprise Holiday

What about check-in at the airport?

You can relax, WowTrip will check in you in both on your outward and your inward bound flights. All you need to do is download your boarding pass.

What about your luggage?

You are allowed to carry one piece of cabin-sized hand luggage on your flight, but if you really need more, you have to note it in the “Observations” and WowTrip will let you know the extra cost.

Can you travel on your own?

Travelling alone is perfectly fine! WowTrip caters for single travellers, but you do pay a supplement that varies on time of year and departure airport.

How will you know what to do when you get there?

WowTrip download

WowTrip provides you with a downloadable mini-guide to your destination giving you hints and tips of things to do, where to eat, shop and even day trips out of the city.

What if there are any problems?

The WowTrip offices are open during normal working hours or available by email. There is also a 24-hour emergency number.

Unfortunately, problems do occur and your flight could be delayed, this is out-with the control of WowTrip, though they will try to help if you need to make a complaint.

What about insurance?

WowTrip does not offer insurance, and you will need to arrange your own insurance.

Final Thoughts

Although I was a bit apprehensive, to begin with, I found that the whole experience was really easy and it was quite fun turning up at the airport not knowing where I was going. The Hilton City Hotel was really comfortable and much better than I expected.

Would I do it again? Yes, definitely and I have already gifted a trip to a friend for their birthday and I am excited to see where they go. I would recommend it for a surprise trip for yourself and your partner, or it makes a great wedding, birthday or anniversary gift.


I was a guest of WowTrip and received my flight and accommodation for free, all other expenses I covered myself. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions and photographs are my own. No photographs may be reproduced in any manner without my written permission.

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Would you take a surprise trip abroad? Would you let someone else choose where you go? Try WowTrip
Would you take a surprise trip abroad? Would you let someone else choose where you go? Try WowTrip

16 thoughts on “WowTrip – Would You Take a Surprise Holiday in Europe?

  1. Avatar of leanne
    leanne says:

    I’ve been considering doing something like this myself! I’ve also considered turning up at an airport and taking the next available flight!

  2. Avatar of Helen
    Helen says:

    I do like the idea of this but the thought of actually doing it is sending my anxiety sky-high! As someone who never travels with an extensive spreadsheet, I don’t think it’s for me πŸ™‚ Really cool idea though!

  3. Avatar of Roma Small
    Roma Small says:

    I like the concept but as someone on a non-EU passport, some airlines need a printed boarding pass so I can’t wait until Im already at the airport to discover my destination. πŸ™ ruins the surprise a bit i think!

  4. Avatar of Francesca
    Francesca says:

    This is awesome! We have something similar in the US but they don’t give you the discard option. You do tell them where you have been recently though so they don’t send you there.

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