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Geocaching, how to be part of the worldwide treasure hunt!

Do you Geocache? Do you even know what Geocaching is? I must admit I was completely oblivious until reading about looking for geocaches on the Isle of Man in August. A quick Google, a download of the app and I was hooked! What is Geocaching? The best way I can describe Geocaching is that it is like a worldwide treasure hunt with millions of hidden caches all over the...

Travel Tuesday with Kelly & Adam from Destination Addict

Kelly and Adam are my Travel Tuesday bloggers this week. They are full-time digital nomads and run Destination Addict and their other businesses while living and travelling in their converted van. So over to Kelly & Adam to answer my Travel Questions: Q1 - When did you become travellers? Kelly way back in 2005 when she quit her full-time job, moved to France & afterwards went inter-railing around Europe. Adam...

Travel Tuesday Angie from Where Angie Wanders

My Travel Tuesday guest this week is Angie from Where Angie Wanders. A fellow mature blogger, Angie has also embraced the blogging world in her 50s and travels whenever she can. So over to Angie to answer my Travel Questions:  Q1 - When did you become a traveller? At the age of 19 I took my first flight to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands with Andrew my husband. Up until...

UNESCO Heritage Sites In The UK

The sixth in my series about UNESCO sites off the beaten track takes us home to the UK. My fellow bloggers have helped me produce the following list of unusual UNESCO Heritage sites in The UK. UNESCO Heritage sites in The UK Avebury Henge, Wiltshire by Faith from XYU and Beyond   Everyone knows the UNESCO site of Stonehenge very few have heard of the Avebury Henge. Some believe that Avebury far...

Travel Tuesday with Roobens from Been Around the Globe

Roobens from Been Around the Globe is my Travel Tuesday blogger this week. Based in Paris, Roobens' blog is in both English and French. As well as covering travel, he also blogs about what it is like to travel the world as a black person. So over to Roobens to answer my Travel Questions:  Q1 - When did you become a traveller? I've always loved to travel. As far back...

Drone Gift Guide: presents to suit any pocket

If you are looking for a present or gift for a drone user, wannabe drone user or even yourself, look no further than this drone gift guide. Aimed to give you ideas and inspiration to suit all budgets from the inexpensive to the incredibly generous. Drones Okay, so the first thing your droning friend will need is a drone. There are so many different drones on the market these days,...





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